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Today, is time to talk awareness day, 3rd February 2022. A day which aims to create supportive communities by having conversations with family, friends, or colleagues about mental health.

Mental health can have a stigma within certain communities, families, and settings. Time to talk is trying to shift stigma to conversations.

I believe that everyone has the chance to make a difference by opening up about how they feel and listening to others. It could be that you are there alongside a friend, family member, colleague, or someone that you vaguely know but a conversation could make a difference.


T ake some time out

Set aside some time away from the routine or work, for example, a chance to go for a walk or cuppa. Knowing that you have some time will allow you to come across more relaxed and patient.

I nstigate chat about how someone is

If you have noticed that something doesn’t seem quite right, opening up a chance to talk about it may be helpful to someone. For example, I have noticed that you seem to be a little tired lately and thought I would ask if you are doing okay ?

M eet up again

Speaking with someone may have really helped so it could be helpful to make arrangements to meet up again soon afterwards so that someone knows that they have some support to draw on.

E ngage in what they are saying

It maybe that someone is struggling to speak up about something so engaging with them on what they are saying and staying with the topic can be helpful. If you are wanting to listen to them, try to give space to hear it.

T o talk with friends, family, and connections

Talking with friends, family and connections is important as it can take away the loneliness feelings for some people.

O kay not to be okay

It is important that if someone is not feeling okay, that they hear that is okay. Someone does not always need to be a ball of energy on top form, they may be struggling and that is okay.

T ime for talking

Time to talk through what is going on, are they able to feel comfortable to share what may be not okay at the moment.

A sk questions

Through asking some questions it may be that you can support them to find out what might help to improve how they are feeling. Be mindful not to make assumptions, what may be a possibility for you may not be suitable for them.

L isten without judgement

Being able to listen to what someone is saying without judging can be difficult, it is common to want to go in and fix the situation for them or you may feel strongly about what is happening to them. Whenever possible give space to hear them and see what support they may need.

K indness, giving someone your time and understanding

Through taking time to listen, ask and be with someone is kindness. Showing someone kindness can make a big difference.

Can I help…

For anyone who may be finding it difficult to talk to someone they know then it can be helpful to speak to someone independent. Please do get in touch if you think I may be able to help, counsellingwithsarah0@gmail.co.uk


  1. I enjoyed your blog! Some good points and actions to take.

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