When to seek support ?

Having been brought up to be highly independent the idea of seeking support from others feels a bit alien.

I realise I do not need to ‘take it all on’. When I find I am saying “this seems to be too much” or “I do not understand”, I stop. Now sometimes it isn’t possible to put things to one side, but I can take a break. This could be walking to another room or getting myself a drink. A few minutes and a deep breath can give me the chance to ‘be’, refresh. I liken this to a webpage that has got stuck, giving it a minute and hitting refresh, it can get up and running again.

Seeking support, I have learnt comes in various ways. I check in and ask myself could I delegate this; is there anyone around who can take it or some of the task on ? If not, do I know of any services out there to help ? This could be in the form of how to guides or networks of people. Or is it that I can do it. but need a break and to talk to someone about my frustrations.

Continually soldiering on solo, did work for me for a while, but it meant that I was carrying around a lot of unwanted feelings; being overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, not good enough and anxious.

Seeking support from others has lightened the load. Having the chance to talk things through has been a tremendous help. I see asking for help as a true strength.

I understand that it may be hard to step away or let things go, but you don’t have to do it on your own. Counselling can help work through difficulties and help you to lighten your load. Please do get in touch, counsellingwithsarah.co.uk