A picture of Sarah

I believe that everyone has their own reason for seeking therapy just as every therapist has their own journey they undertook to be available to offer their support. As part of my journey I undertook therapy which helped me to reduce stored up emotions, ease up responsibility and allow self-care into my life. I felt heard and understood. It gave me the chance to understand the benefits that counselling can bring first hand so I want to offer others the chance to benefit from therapy too.

It maybe that feelings of being overwhelmed and there being little or no choice, feel familiar. There may be times where a situation can bring out anxiety, a constant worry about the situation that you are in. It maybe hard to shut off and sleep is disturbed and restless. The low feeling of everything feeling a bit too much and having no energy. This is where I found having therapy helped me recognise the choices that I had and how I introduced a better balance into my life which I have mentioned as self care.

My self-care when I am not working includes going for walks, and living on the South coast I have lots of choice; walking in the countryside, by the sea or the local river. I also enjoy reading, getting involved in a book with a twist can be a good place to temporarily escape to. I have also have a passion for visiting new places.