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Would you like to be able to have a different way to view things ?

By having the chance to talk through things it can help identify and see things clearly. It could be that you find yourself feeling like there is too much to do and not enough time. This maybe because you said yes to too many things, it could feel you are unable to say no because you feel like you are letting people down. Maybe it leaves you feeling guilty and this is common when someone struggles to say no.

Do you worry about burdening those around you ?

Life can throw many different challenges for us to make our way through. It can leave us feeling lost, anxious, stuck, guilty, or frustrated.

These feelings can be hard to share with those around us, perhaps it is because you worry about how someone may respond, that they may take on your worry, or you may feel judgment from them. Maybe where your worry is that they will point you in a direction you are not sure is for you.

Counselling can give you a space and time to process your feelings and focus on yourself being able to share your feelings about the struggles you have.

I believe having therapy helps to recognise the choices that are there and how a better balance into life can be introduced.