You may be clear in what you are hoping to get from counselling, or it may be that something does not feel right, you feel anxious, low or stuck. There may be something changing in your life which may mean that you are looking to make a choice and you would like to consider and reflect on the options in a confidential and non-judgmental way. You may have experienced a loss and would find it helpful to find some meaning from it.

Some things I can help with: anxiety, bereavement, Caring, choice, guilt, loneliness, meaning, overwhelm, parenting, relationships, responsibility, self-care, and stress.


I can understand that there are times where there feels like there is no choice. I believe that there is always a choice, but it may not seem to be clear. Events and life can feel overwhelming. Counselling can be helpful to talk through things, hopefully resulting in a lightening of the load and giving some clarity to what is possible.


You may be feeling guilty over something that you feel you did wrong. This maybe stopping you from moving forward in life. Guilt can cause distress, if this is something you are noticing then counselling can help to address emotions and reframe feelings.

Self care

Self care is so important but can be often the thing that is put to one side. This is normally due to messages we tell ourselves about self care, such as being self indulgent, guilty, or not as important as others. Counselling can give you an opportunity to explore what might be getting in the way for you and look to increase your self care practice.