Stopping for a drink – cuppa

This can be a good way to stop staring at the screen, remove yourself from a chore, or meeting the needs of someone you are looking after.

Getting outside

Sarah outside

Being able to get out of the home is helpful to be able to get some air and the all essential vitamin D when the sun is out. If you are able to find a park, wood, field or coastal route to explore and see what you notice along the way.



People exercising

Exercise is not only good for your physical health but it can help with your mental health too. The important thing with exercise is finding what you enjoy, there are lots of different options. It maybe that you prefer to exercise on your own or as part of a class or group.

People running
A person exercising

Cooking healthy food

Homemade vegetable curry

Cooking can be relaxing for some and choosing some healthy tasty meals can be a lovely to enjoy either on your own or with other people. Baking can be great too for a treat or two.


I understand this may not be possible for all, but you can still have some pot plants in your home. It can be rewarding to watch things that come to life and grow.

Picture of plants and watering can


Books pictured on a shelf

Getting stuck into a story can detach from what might be going on in life. Maybe you like a crime, thriller, romance, fantasy story or perhaps a bit more reality through an autobiography.

Someone reading on an tablet


Someone completing a puzzle

Like to solve a problem, there is no better way than to work through a puzzle. Perhaps it is a crossword, wordsearch, code cracker, sudoku or jigsaw. This can give a good focus, distraction and helps exercise the brain at the same time.

A picture of a jigsaw pieces


Dice and game pieces

It might be board games you like to play with other people, solitaire, perhaps it is the daily Wordle on your phone or a computer game but it can be a good way to relax and switch off.

A person holding playing cards


Craft materials

So many ways to craft things whether this is through knitting, sewing, croquet, woodwork, card making, model building… the list could go on. Is there something you enjoy or would like to try ?


Meeting up with people

Having a chance to take some time out with people is good for our wellbeing. Perhaps it is with friends, or maybe you could join a club or network.

People looking happy