Self care is anything you do to take care of your physical, mental, spiritual well-being. Self care is important for so many reasons. I like to promote self care as I believe it helps towards positive mental health.

An ability to put your own needs first is not always easy. This can be for a number of reasons, time can feel tight, demands from other parts of our lives can get in the way, or perhaps it is the thoughts and feelings which we carry.

The benefits of self care can leave us feeling refreshed, re-energised, feeling happier, help to restore a better work-life balance and avoid a feeling of burnout.

Some thoughts that might get in the way of self care such as being self indulgent, feeling guilty, or not seeing our needs as important as others.

The good news is self care does not need to be time consuming, cost anything extra, or complicated. I thought it could be helpful to think about some examples of self care here and inspire some ideas of how you can bring more of it into your life.