Wording that says ‘parents mental health – mental health matters’

It is not unusual for someone to feel anxious, stuck, lost, or lonely as a parent.

Every parenting journey is different, there will be challenges to negotiate, new phases to enter and adaptations for routines and developmental changes. This is an ongoing process for any parent that there is no time limit on it.

Counselling is a chance to explore some of the thoughts and feelings which may not be able to be explored elsewhere.

There may be times where the responsibility of parenting feels too much. There are various strains as a parent as you juggle other aspects of life, work, finances, maintaining homes, time for family and friends can be overwhelming and draining. Counselling is able to provide an opportunity to talk through these feelings of overwhelm.

Parenting can take a lot of physical and emotional energy. The idea of doing something for yourself may leave you feeling guilty. This may be because it can feel alien to focus on yourself as often you are putting your child(ren) needs before your own. You may find my self care activities page helpful – Self care activities

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