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Parents Mental Health Day is on Friday 27th January 2023 and the theme this year is around building family resilience.

I have a passion for supporting parents and carers and wanted to take a few moments to share some thoughts. As I think of parenting, there is often the remark around ‘you don’t get an instruction manual’. Indeed a baby comes with no instructions and together as a family unit you navigate the phases, lack of sleep, and all the bits that no doubt someone else made it look easier than it feels !

As a parent you are likely aiming to give your child the best start you can in life – you nurture, protect, and guide them the best you can. This is no easy role, becoming a parent, also means that you gain different responsibilities, and need to adapt many areas of your life.

Every parenting journey is different, there will be challenges to negotiate, new phases to enter, adaptations for routines and developmental changes. Some parts of the journey will feel easier than others, some parts will feel overwhelming and exhausting. There are main strains that come with parenting, the juggling of the other aspects of life; work, finances, maintaining homes, time for family and friends. Resilience is likely to be built up to manage a hectic schedule. However, this can lead to overlooking our own needs as an individual.

I will share 3 quick tips that maybe helpful to think about to support yourself during some of the more challenging times.


Who can support you ? Is there a family member or friend that can help ? You do not need to do it all on your own.

Reframing thoughts

It is helpful to reframe some thinking, ‘you are good enough’. Remember your way can work well for you and it is ok to do things differently. This could mean that you think in terms of ‘it is great that worked for them, but it is not for me’.


I believe this is one of the key things to building up resilience and energy. Ensuring you look after yourself, can mean you are more rested both mentally and physically. Making sure you do get some breaks and time out, if this is minutes rather than hours it is all important time to cherish.

Parents may find they experience times where they feel anxious, low, or stuck. This can be a temporary experience and with some rest, or lifestyle changes ease up. It may however last for a longer time, this is where it can be helpful to speak to someone.

Remember, being a parent is one part of your identity, not your identity. Especially in the early years attention is given to the baby/ child, but it is important that you are seen and heard too.

I have lots of experience working with parents and carers. I listen without judgment, opinion and can offer a space for you to explore your feelings. Please do get in contact with me if you feel I can support you [email protected]

Parents Mental Health