It is natural to feel worried, tense or afraid at times. These feelings can become bigger when dealing with a stressful situation. If you are finding that your worries are impacting on your everyday life and the things you enjoy, it can help to have a chance to talk things through in counselling. Counselling can… Continue reading Anxiety



This month I am writing about the theme of loneliness. Loneliness has been chosen as the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May). Why loneliness ? Loneliness has been chosen as it is affecting more and more people. Since the start of the pandemic, it has had a huge impact on our physical and… Continue reading Loneliness

Time to talk

Today, is time to talk awareness day, 3rd February 2022. A day which aims to create supportive communities by having conversations with family, friends, or colleagues about mental health. Mental health can have a stigma within certain communities, families, and settings. Time to talk is trying to shift stigma to conversations. I believe that everyone… Continue reading Time to talk

I know what you are going to say !

I wanted to share a few thoughts on something a lot of us do …. Assume. Assumptions can become unhelpful, even paralysing. Assuming something can be feeding a worry, or perhaps it may stop us asking for support. Assumptions can cause problems in relationships, friendships and in general. Having outlined where assumptions are not something… Continue reading I know what you are going to say !

Are you resistant to receiving help, but always helping others?

Being independent is helpful, you can manage to meet your needs and take care of yourself. But, what happens if something comes up that you are not able to manage by yourself, do you ask for help ? Your independence may be tested as you are a new parent or taking on some caring duties… Continue reading Are you resistant to receiving help, but always helping others?

Who am I ?

We often carry so many labels in life. There are our family labels, our work labels and social labels. This can mean that we are caught up in roles which then leave uncertainty to what is left as the true me. It is a common theme for clients to mention that they feel lost, they… Continue reading Who am I ?

Taking a break

An endless to do list and so much to organise is the normal pattern for when I take a break away from work. The pressure to make sure I have done everything I can to make sure everything is up to date, clean and tidy. It can feel a bit overwhelming and stressful at times,… Continue reading Taking a break