Who am I ?

We often carry so many labels in life. There are our family labels, our work labels and social labels. This can mean that we are caught up in roles which then leave uncertainty to what is left as the true me.

It is a common theme for clients to mention that they feel lost, they are not sure what they want and who they are. This quite often will come into question following a bereavement. This does not necessarily mean a death; it is a change or something that is taken away. It can be that someone has chosen retirement, been made redundant, their child has moved out of the family home, your child has gone to school, perhaps a caring role of someone has changed or maybe someone has developed an illness which means that their needs are not what they were.

In life we can continue our roles within our families, workplace or society with out question. It feels clear what needs to be done and we do it. When something changes this, it is at this point that it is likely to call into question what is next ? This is where it can be helpful to give time and space before picking up the next role. Sometimes there feels no choice, for example, if someone is diagnosed with an illness there is often a need to think about the practicalities and move forward with them. There isn’t normally the focus on your needs but the needs of the other person. However, there is choice, and it can help to talk it through.

I have learnt so much from working with my clients and reflecting on how freeing it seems to be when there is space for them to develop themselves. I notice that there can be a lost feeling to start with, then it seems that they start to understand what they don’t want and then things that they would like to start are noticed. Quite often I only get to hear the snippet of things that may hold in store for my clients going forward but I notice the difference in them, their tone, body language and most importantly they seem hopeful no matter what their circumstances.

Counselling allows you to start putting your needs forward, it is a non-judgmental confidential space to speak freely about your feelings and let out emotions. You are not on your own, I am alongside you. If you are feeling like you would like to find out who you are and talk, I am here to listen. Please get in touch counsellingwithsarah0@gmail.com