I am sure I am not alone sitting thinking, where do I start ?

It can feel overwhelming when you find yourself unable to keep on top of things. Taking care of those around you first may be necessary at times but it can mean that things can get put to one side and start to pile up.

Being overwhelmed can be helpful making it difficult to focus, it can lead to becoming forgetful, stressed, and anxious.

Ok, so what can help me to feel less overwhelmed ?

Being realistic is important as it is not uncommon to think we can do more than we can. Try to be generous with time for each task that way it will feel like you are progressing.

Reviewing what is there, maybe things have moved on. Ask yourself are you able to not do it or was it more an ideal ?

Saying no or not now is helpful especially if you have enough to do already. Consider saying ‘no’ to anything new. If that doesn’t feel right, you may feel ‘not now’ is better.

Self-care, it is important to remember that you are charging the most valuable resource, YOU.

One of the things we can do when overwhelmed is ignore and store away emotions and feelings. Talking can help to make things feel more manageable. By stopping and offering space to talk things through it can ease the pressure.

I can offer a confidential and safe space to express emotions and feelings which may have been put to one side. By talking through things, it can allow for clearer thinking as energy is not being used to juggle or suppress those feelings.

Please do get in touch, [email protected]

Where to start ?
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